MARY (Manager)

Mary was trained in Kathak dancing as a young girl, her passion always being movies and dancing in any form, she kept learning and training in all the different Indian styles and she is even a great rock and roll dancer angularjs 2 다운로드!

Mary has also dabbled in modeling, representing Bombay in a beauty pageant all the way to Miami! Her dream is to make Bollydazzlers DanceTroupe the best Bollywood company in Australia 심즈 프리플레이 버그.


Generosity is one of Mary’s greatest features, always looking after each dancer as if they were her own kids 히트맨 2016. Hardly any of the money she makes (often after days of tough negotiations) actually reaches her pockets because she always makes sure all the dancers get the reward they deserve 정오의데이트. And if there is still more after that, she usually invests it all back into the DanceTroupe to get more costumes, props, jewels, etc, guaranteeing the best quality for her customers doctor 5 times.

Her great skills as a business woman resulted in the troupe being hired for many high profile gigs in all the best venues around Melbourne! Her goal is to build a huge function centre that would host events/functions/weddings and part of the profit would go towards the fight to stop Human Trafficking around the world tg삼보 다운로드.