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Bollydazzlers: A quick reference …

What is this phenomenon?
Bollywood dance is akin to storytelling. The songs are from the movies and feature for a particular reason.  For example, it could be a celebration song, a seduction song, a love song, or a song of sadness.  So when you enact it in dance form, you are dancing to the words and to the mood, with a song for every occasion.  There are heaps of wedding songs that you will hear at an Indian wedding!

What are its characteristics?
Bollywood dancing itself is a fusion of all dance forms.  It could be Indian classical, Indian folk dance, belly dancing, jazz, hip hop and everything else you can imagine.  Bollywood is all about fantasy and glamour and there really are no limits to the creativity (or cheesiness).

Is it really any good for me?
Bollywood dance is a fantastic workout.  It is upbeat, energetic and gets your heart pumping pretty fast.  It is also lots of fun and makes you laugh.

Can I learn to dance like a Bollywood star?
Anyone can learn and become an expert at Bollywood dancing.  Because it is a fusion of Indian & Western dance moves, there are a lot of steps which are quite universal.  Then we just add in the Bollywood touch with movements of the hands and expressions of the eyes.  At the beginner level, it is a very simple dance routine to learn and practice.

How can I benefit?
Bollywood dance makes you laugh.  It is definitely the most enjoyable way to get fit.  It also allows you the opportunity to escape into a fantasy world and be as emotional, energetic and cheeky as you want to be, with no reservations.

Will I risk injury?
At Bollydazzlers, you always start classes with a warm-up and stretching, so there are no risks. Of course, anyone who has any existing injuries should take precautions.

Are there different forms of Bollywood dancing?
Bollywood dance is very diverse.  One Bollywood dance could be fairly traditional, while another could be extremely bold, sexy and modern.  As it is a creative explosion, it all depends on the choreographer / teacher’s interpretation.

Where can I find you?
Bollydazzlers features in Melbourne.  For enquiries please e-mail bollydazzlers@gmail.com or mary@bollydazzlers.com

You can also call / text 0405 152 149 or B 03 97080556