Meet our gorgeous beautiful dazzler Edwina!!

Edwina loves dancing and has been dancing basically since she was in diapers, so much so that her parents enrolled her in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz training. By her teenage years she found a new love for Hip hop and Latin in particular.

Thanks to her Anglo-indian heritage, Edwina was raised watching Indian movies and listening to Indian music. She describes Bollywood as something that is permanently etched into her childhood memories. Edwina’s experiences of watching countless Bollywood movies with her family is where her love and passion for Bollywood dance grew.

Edwina says: “I love to make people smile & dance is just one of those things that never fails to bring happiness to everyone, young and old” Along with her passion for health, nature and space, Edwina loves to bring a little joy to people using her skills as a dancer !!