Our dashing dazzler Pablo started his career back in Bogotá, Colombia, when he was working as an audio producer and video editor for the Fundacion Bi Hui Art Dance. This is where he had a first approach to Indian music, specifically Bhangra.

“I had always been involved in music and liked to practice Capoeira but never thought of myself as a professional dancer before that”.

At that moment he found a chance to learn something very new to him and had also an approach to styles like Jazz, Salsa and Colombian folklore. He had then no idea this knowledge would lead him so far, giving him the opportunity to be a professional Bollywood dancer becoming part of the Bollydazzlers here in Australia! On top of being a brilliant musician, and being such an advanced acrobat, Pablo’s skills in sound engineering are a great asset to the troupe as he is able to tailor make any music to the needs of the performances

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